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SA Voice - Delaine saved a man's life! Seriously!

By Randy Beamer - News 4 San Antonio
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SAN ANTONIO - First of all, if this story was about anyone else, we would have brought it to you days ago.

But my co-anchor Delaine Mathieu didn't want us to even mention on air that she HELPED SAVE A MAN'S LIFE after an accident recently -- because she didn't want it to seem like she was patting herself on the back.

OK, Delaine, you're not. But a man says he is alive today because of you. And because the story has been on facebook and the radio by now, you're overruled. So I'm going to at least tell the basics of the story because we're proud of you and because it's a heck of a story. Stopping and risking your life to help someone else is a great story and a great example.

It happened about a week and a half ago when Paul Hernandez blew a tire on Highway 281 near the Quarry. His car spun around, hit the median, and then came to rest facing the wrong way in the far left lane of traffic. Apparently dazed from the accident, he got out of his car and was hit by another car and seriously injured.

His leg was nearly severed and he was left in the middle of the highway.

Delaine was on her way home from work that Friday night and while other cars veered around the accident, she stopped. She got out and soon determined what she needed to do.

While another passerby, Tech Sgt. Marc Esposito, calmed down Hernandez and tended to the severe wounds on his face, Delaine saw that Hernandez' lower leg was barely attached.  So she decided to use a scarf to tie a tourniquet around that leg, with the help of another woman who had stopped at the scene.

Doctors and police say that tourniquet saved Paul's life because it kept him from bleeding to death.

Since the accident, Delaine and Tech Sgt. Esposito have gone to the hospital to check on Hernandez. He lost that lower limb and has a long recovery ahead, but told Delaine words she says she will never forget: "Thank you for saving my life."

And would you believe that Shark Week had something to do with it?  I asked Delaine how she happened to know what to do -- that he needed a tourniquet?

"Shark week."  Really? Yep.  Check out the video with Delaine reluctantly allowing us to give her some recognition on the air. 

She says you never know what you're capable of until you have to do it and that she's not squeamish after having two children.

And sorry if you think this sounds self-serving, but Delaine -- ike anyone else who risks a life to save a life -- deserves some recognition. And she has been very low-key and humble about what she did (which, of course, is very un-anchor-like).

And we are very proud of her.

All the best to Mr. Hernandez and Tech Sgt. Esposito and their families.  Down the road, we'll let Delaine update your story. She doesn't have any problem talking about you.

In the meantime, you can all find out a little more about Delaine and what she did on her facebook page.  Or on twitter at

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