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Push to bring quality charter schools to San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - Many colleges and universities are complaining that high school graduates are not prepared to go college, and many don't make it through high school at all. Some might call it an education crisis.

More and more jobs will require a college education, but many of our kids aren't qualified. So are charter schools the answer to help San Antonio students?

Matthew Randazzo from Choose to Succeed stopped by the News 4 San Antonio studios

To explain how his non-profit organization is working to bring the nation's best charter schools to San Antonio.

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Open-enrollment public charter schools are tuition-free, nonreligious, public schools that are nonselective. Any child can sign up, and selection is by lottery. They can serve students across district lines, and many serve the entire city. They are 501c3 nonprofits governed by nonprofit boards, and they have the freedom to implement innovative methods to best serve their students. Each network has its own unique curriculum and model because not every child wants the same experience, but they all produce dramatically better educated graduates.

High-performing charter networks have a track record of changing the trajectories of childrens lives that is unmatched by any other educational intervention or community investment to date. They are offering students a quality of public education that adds roughly four years worth of extra learning in their K-12 years when you compare students who win the lotteries to go to these schools to the students who enter but lose the lotteries. This rigor plays out in dramatically higher college graduation rates.

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